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Work with an experience team of providers and workers compensation coordinators in order to:

Treat Work-Related Injuries

Injuries in the workplace are common and can be debilitating. They often happen at high-risk jobs or ones that require repetitive stress. In fact, repetitive stress injuries are the most prevalent type of work-related injuries. Your orthopedic surgeon will assess your injury and determine the best course of action for you. You may be treated with pain medication, therapy or surgery. To promote fast, complete healing your surgeon might also recommend rehabilitation that includes physiotherapy or occupational therapy.

Work With An Experienced Coordinator

Our trained physicians are committed to helping all workers’ compensation patients get back on the job as quickly and safely as possible

Second Opinions

We offer second opinions for the individuals that need help deciding about a costly or risky operation, individuals unclear about how well a specific treatment will work, individuals that need more information about their options, and individuals that are unsure about a diagnosis.

Independent Medical Evaluations

An independent medical evaluation (IME) is used to resolve questions about your medical condition. These evaluations are usually requested by insurance companies to solve any disagreements between your doctor about your medical condition or your course of medical treatment.

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About Charles J. DePaolo, M.D.

Dr. DePaolo has practiced medicine in Asheville for over 20 years and specializes in Sports Medicine, Joint Reconstructive Surgery, and Shoulder, Hip, and Knee Surgery. He is speciality certified in Sports Medicine “Certificate of Added Qualifications in Sports Medicine”.